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Chief Executive Message

As a private sector company, we drive our business forward by providing quality, reliable, competitive and timely services.

Our mission is to:

Develop long lasting relationships with our employees and customers Understand and exceed customer expectations and requirements Enter every opportunity with a spirit of open communication, innovation and integrity.

Client satisfaction is our top most priority which is followed by addressing engineering problems with innovative solutions. To ensure safety at work, we like to update our business model with the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) measures.

The dream is to become a business leader in the field by executing our four core values – lead, deliver, grow and sustain. Based on these values, our team of experienced and trained engineers and other associated professionals, provide high quality services in the following disciplines:

  • Engineering Design Services
  • Pile Foundation and Water-Well Construction
  • Project Management and Construction
  • Soil Testing Laboratory
  • Subsoil Surveys and Geotechnical Investigations

Everyone at Firm DECON is encouraged to feel proud of the work they do, deliver what is promised and do it safely and sustainably.

Company History

As by 2016

In addition to project management services, in 2016 we decided to further enhance our business capacity. To achieve this goal we signed a contract with a Chinese EPC Contractor, for providing construction services to build five 132kV substations as their exclusive subcontractor.

In year 2012

The excellence of our services was recognized internationally in the year 2012, when an EPC contractor, in Nigeria, signed a contract with us to provide Engineering Design, Project Management and Capacity Building Services, for their existing ongoing projects, related to the power sector.

In 2012, we established Firm DECON International (Private) Limited (FDIL), to cater to our international business. Later, DECON was dissolved due to operational reasons and as a result, all the work under DECON was transferred to FDIL, starting July 01, 2016.

Back in 2007

In 2007, our soil testing laboratory was recognized by NESPAK, a leading engineering consultancy organization of Pakistan, by virtue of which the name of our soil testing laboratory stands proudly on their approved list of soil testing laboratories.

Some Achievement in 2005

In 2005, we further diversified, by providing Project Management and Engineering Design Services to EPC contractors for Overhead Power Transmission Lines and Grid Station Projects. In very short span of time, we had to our credit mega projects of 500kV Power Transmission Lines and Grid Stations for which we provided design and project management services to Chinese EPC Contractors.

In 1993

In 1993, we diversified by adding Pile Foundation, Pile Load Test and Water-Well construction to our outfit. We developed our Piling expertise to manage the projects in which logistic is involved, including power transmission line and pipeline projects.

Memories from 1992

The organization had a modest beginning in the year 1992, under the name of Drillers Engineers & Constructors (DECON). At that time, our services were limited to Subsoil Surveys and Geotechnical Investigations including laboratory testing. Our commitment, hard work and dedication earned us matchless success both in business and repute, by virtue of which we got recognition, as one of the leading geotechnical contractor throughout Pakistan, within three years of our inception.

Company Information

Registered Name:            Firm DECON International (Private) Limited 
Address:                             38-Block-1, Sector B-1 Township, Lahore, Pakistan
Phone:                                +92 42 3521-3356 – 7
Fax:                                     +92 42 3521-3358
Email:                                 decon@decon.com.pk
Website:                             www.decon.com.pk/wp-decon
No. of Employees:            60
SECP License:                   0081396
PEC Registration:             License No.: 1816, Category: C-2 
National Tax No:              4109980-0  
Bankers:                             SILK Bank Ltd. PECO Road Branch, Lahore

Company Ownership & Keystaff

TAHIR SULTANChief Executive
With Bachelors in Civil Engineering (1980), from University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore and Masters in Civil Engineering (1986) from Wayne State University, Detroit, USA, he has an extensive experience in Project & Construction Management, Foundations Design and Geotechnical Analysis. Besides general civil engineering projects, his Project & Construction Management experience particularly pertains to the power projects, including Overhead Power Transmission Lines and Grid Stations. His Project Management experience, in the top management positions, encompasses all the related key activities, including tender pricing, contract negotiations, project scheduling, procurement planning, resource organization, quality control & assurance and financial planning.
With a degree of Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Home Economics (1987), from Islamabad Girls College, Islamabad. Aliya is generally involved in the administrative affairs within the Company. She oversees the day-to-day activities of the company. She also actively looks after the charity program, which started in 2012. She manages the affairs of the charity with care. She attend meetings and assign duties to staff to exercise good judgment and take reasonable steps. Furthermore, she supervises and provides consultation to management on strategic staffing plans, compensation and labor relations. Aliya takes a leadership role in developing a culture that enables employees to perform in accordance to a firm’s objectives. She leads performance management, talent assessment, and effective labor relationships.
M. TAYYAB SULTANDirector (Operations)
Having B.Sc. (Honors) in Management with Law (2012), from University of London (External Program) and M.Sc. in Program & Project Management (2016), from University of Warwick, United Kingdom (UK), he has been working in the Company, since 2012. On completion of his Master’s degree in Program and Project Management from the University of Warwick (UK), Tayyab resumed his duties in FDIL as Project Manager for ongoing construction projects as well as searching for new horizons for the promotion and development of company’s business. He looks after operations of the ongoing projects as well as puts his efforts to search new horizons for the promotion and development of the Company’s business.
With Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (1974), from University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore, in his career, which is spreading more than forty years, he has worked with renowned national and international contracting and consulting firms. He has extensive experience of handling construction projects related to overhead power transmission lines, underground cables, communication projects and grid stations. He has an extensive experience in line live maintenance as well. Moreover, he has capability of handling big civil engineering projects such as bridge construction including piles.
WASIM I RABBANISr. Technical Advisor
With Bachelors in Civil Engineering (1980), from University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Lahore and Masters in Environmental Engineering & Management (1983), from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand, he has an extensive experience, in different organizations, in the preparation of the Engineering Designs, Studies and Tender-Contract Documents, in the areas of Environmental Pollution & Control, Wastewater Treatment & Disposal, Wastewater & Stormwater Drainage, Water Development, Treatment, Transmission & Distribution, Cleaner Production (CP) Technologies, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Building Plumbing Systems.
“With Bachelors of Arts (1970) from Government College Lahore, joined Pakistan Armed Forces for some time.
After a while, joined the fully integrated textiles and garment manufacturing group, involved in manufacturing and import/exports activities.
His long business management experience in the top management positions, includes complete administrative and manufacturing skills in textiles, handmade carpets, garments petroleum and furnishing areas.
In DECON his duties are related logistics, Marshalling yard management and overall administration.”
ATIF AZIZManager Projects
Having Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), joined the company in 1992. By virtue of his hard work, training at work and learning through experience, he is well-versed with the requirements of Geotechnical Investigations, Piling and Water-Well projects. Today, he is responsible to estimate, manage and execute all such projects entrusted to the company.
MUBASHAR ISLAMManager (Business Development)
Having Masters in Computer Sciences (M.Sc. IT), joined the company in 1993. He has an extensive experience in management, coordination and marketing of Engineering and Procurement Projects. He is working for business development, marketing, bidding, liaison and coordination with international concerns for the company.
NASEER AHMEDAccounts Manager
Having Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com), joined the company in 1993. With the passage of time, he has developed expertise in management of accounts and finance. Together with his team, he is keeping the company’s accounts, financial, audit and taxation records in-order and upto the mark, to meet our financial and legal requirements.

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Everyone at Firm DECON is encouraged to feel proud of the work they do, deliver what is promised and do it safely and sustainably.

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