DECON Signs Contract for Geotech Investigation of 150MW-SHPP

Firm DECON International Pvt. Ltd., signs contract with Sapphire Electric Company Limited for Geo-technical Investigations of 150MW Sharmai Hydro Power Plant In Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Province.

Investigation tasks consist of assessment of composition, properties and condition of rock masses and ground for analysis and preparation of geological inputs for the feasibility design of project structures. The scope of the works includes:

  • Geo-technical site investigations
  • Geophysical site investigations
  • Geo-technical laboratory testing
  • Factual report including field and laboratory data to be provided

The tasks include performing a subsurface exploration by borings and sampling, test pits, detailed geological/geotechnical mapping of investigation works, in-situ and laboratory testing, geotechnical analysis and the preparation of preliminary and final geotechnical report. The tasks shall be performed in accordance with the ASTM Standards.

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