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Subsoil Survey & Geo-technical Investigation

Geotechnical unit was created in the Company since its inception in 1992. The Company onwards gradually developed the resources to carry out land based geotechnical investigations in all types of soils and rocks. In the year 2005, the Company further enhanced its expertise by conducting drilling under flowing water conditions. This achievement was earned because of our own in-house research and development. Today we offer a comprehensive and versatile range of soil investigation techniques from simple test pits to more sophisticated drilling and in-situ testing methods.

We are experienced acting as prime geotechnical contractor. Our site managers, supervisors are thorough professionals well versed with soil and rock logging according to British and other relevant international standards. We own and operate extensive fleet of drilling and allied field testing equipment. Our drilling manpower belongs to our permanent staff. Their exclusive use of our drilling equipment allows us to design the project not only based on actual testing parameters, but based on Engineering judgement also.

The Company, by virtue of its vast experience in handling Overhead Power Transmission Line and Pipe Line projects, has gained expertise to manage projects in which extensive logistic is involved. Geo-Technical Investigation of Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipe Line (800 km long) was one project in which logistics was of paramount importance in execution, the terrain of this project comprised desert, hills, marshy land and plain areas from Iran Pakistan border near Jiwani along the Makran coast to the city of Nawabshah. This project was completed by deploying nine drilling rigs simultaneously for about four months.

The Company possesses expertise to carry the following field samplings & tests:

Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)
Undisturbed Sampling
Disturbed Sampling
Permeability Tests
Water Pressure Tests with Packer
Elastometer Tests for Rock
Field Density Tests
Plate Load Tests
Cone Penetration Tests
Ground Resistivity Surveys


Soil Testing Laboratory

Our soil testing laboratory is an integral part of geotechnical investigative services. It was established at the same time, when the geotechnical division was established in the Company. By offering in house soil testing we are able to provide fast and reliable results and analysis to our customers without the need of a third party.

Initially the capacity of our laboratory was limited to cater the needs and requirements of our own geotechnical division; however, later on we enhanced the capacity of our laboratory, to provide soil testing services to the third parties also.

The dedication, professionalism and skills of our laboratory team earned recognition of the Geotechnical division of NESPAK, when they included the name of our laboratory, in 2007, in their approved panel of soil testing laboratories.

Our laboratory is fully equipped to perform soil testing meeting relevant ASTM and British Standards, detail of tests that we perform are as follows;

Grain Size Analysis by Sieve Analysis and Hydrometer
Atterberg Limits
Unconfined Compression Tests
Direct Shear Tests
Consolidation Tests
CBR (California Bearing Ratio)
Standard/Modified Proctor Tests
Organic Matter
Chemical Tests, including Sulfates, Chlorides, pH Value and Total Dissolved Solids

Pile Foundation & Water Well Construction

Piling works unit was added in the Company outfit in the year 1993. The services, provided under this division, include design as well as construction of Pile Foundations. The Company possesses expertise to install Pile Foundations and Water-Wells by drilling boreholes either by Rotary or Percussion methods, depending on the subsurface soil strata.

We have served both private and government sector clients to install Pile Foundations, ranging from 500 mm to 1500 mm in diameter, for Overhead Power Transmission Line Towers, Grid Stations Equipment Residential & Industrial Buildings, Hospitals and Bridges.

Pile Load Test is another service that falls in the domain of this business unit. We have experience of performing load test up to 600 tons on pile foundations. To apply the test load on pile foundation, we either use Kentiledge or Reaction Piles, depending on the site situation and requirement of the Customer.

We have performed load test on screw piles (micro steel piles) normally used to support solar panel steel structures. We have complete test equipment which can perform load test to verify compressive, pull-out and lateral strength capacities of the micro pile.

This business unit has also been involved in the design and construction of Water-Wells. The Company has installed Water-Wells, with discharge capacities ranging from 0.25 to 4 cusecs (25 to 400 m3/h), for the private sector as well as public departments, on the turn-key basis, including design, supply, installation, testing and development.


Engineering Design Services

This unit was raised in the year 2005, to provide Engineering & Design services to the EPC Contractors involved in Overhead Transmission Lines and Grid Station projects.

Our list of client comprises EPC Contractors of international repute, their details are;

Siemens Pakistan for 500kV Grid Station at Yousefwala & New Ghakkar in Pakistan

SINOTEC for 500kV Grid Station at Rewat in Pakistan

Sichuan Electric Power Co. 500kV Grid Station at Lahore, Pakistan

CCC-CCPG JV for 500kV Overhead Power Transmission Line Muzaffargarh to Gatti, 270kM long in Pakistan and

Income Electrix Ltd, EPC Contractor based in Port-Harcourt Nigeria, for 132kV Overhead Power Transmission Lines and Grid Stations.

Our experienced team of design engineers serve our customers to the best of their ability meeting their requirements by providing tailor made solutions. Our design engineers have access to several design software’s and state of the art printing machines which are owned by the company.

Grid Stations: Civil Works Design
Switchyard Foundations
Power Transformer Foundations
Shunt Reactor Foundations
Gantry Foundations
Moving Areas for Power Transformer and Shunt Reactor
Cable Trenches
Control House Building
Water Supply System
Sewerage & Drainage System

Transmission Lines: Civil Works Design

Line Route Survey
Detailed Survey
Plans & Profiles
Sag and Tension Calculations
Tower Spotting
Tower Foundation Design
Pile Foundation Design for River Crossing Towers


Project Management & Constructions

Project Management & Construction unit was established in the year 2004.

The first project, undertaken by the Company, was construction of telecom towers, for a cellular phone company, with the following scope of work;
Towers Foundations
Towers Erection
Towers Painting
Installation of Telecommunication Equipment
Grounding of the Equipment
Boundary Walls

In 2005, the Company undertook a challenging work from a Chinese Contractor SINOTEC, for the construction of pile caps and tie-beams, for a number of transmission line towers, located in the active bed of River Chenab (near Trimmu Barrage), of 500 kV overhead power transmission line, running from Gatti (Faisalabad) to Muzaffargarh.

We also provided Project Management services to SINOTEC, for managing the entire construction of the 500kV overhead transmission line project (Gatti – Muzaffargarh), our scope included; complete Survey of Transmission Line Route – Plan & Profile – Sag and Tension Calculations – Tower Spotting – Geotechnical Investigations – Selection of Foundation Types – Construction Scheduling – Procurement of Line Material – Managing of Marshaling Yards – Material Accounting and Project Dossier

In 2012, we got our first overseas contract for Project Management, from an EPC contractor “INCOME ELECTRIX Limited (IEL)”, based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria (West Africa). For IEL, we managed construction of 132 kV overhead power transmission lines and grid stations, for a period of about three years.

Construction of Grid Station including following Scope;

  1. Topographic Survey
  2. Geo-technical Investigations
  3. Design of Grid Station (Civil + Electrical)
  4. Civil Works for Switchyard
  5. Control House Building
  6. Pavements + Drainage
  7. Electro-Mechanical Works
  8. Testing & Commissioning

Project Management of Overhead Power Transmission Line Construction Including:

  1. Management of Construction
  2. Procurement of Line Material
  3. Managing of Marshaling Yards
  4. Selection of Subcontractors
  5. Selection of Line Material Manufacturers


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